Campaign Web Site
George L. Berish
Candidate For
Hawaii's U. S. Senate Seat
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This web site exists to provide each voter information about me, and my candidacy, I though would be important to her or him

Questions, corrections, requests for additions, and offers of help may be directed

But if any group of 5 or more voters would like to meet to ask directly about things important to them, just let me know. I'd much prefer spending the very short primary window that way than on building the perfect web site or filling with Social Media's blurts and takes. ERROR

Otherwise, I've begun to organize the information I believe voters need to evaluate me as a candidate into sensible order.

Red links are complete enough to be worth reading. Grey links are pages on which I'm still working. Until there are volunteers with requisite skills, or of course contributions, building this web site will proceed slowly.

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ERROR Things Professional Educators Fail To Teach Anymore
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